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At Gelson’s, we serve more than customers. We serve celebrations. And let’s face it, where there’s a celebration on tap, beer, wine, and spirits are rarely far behind. You might be raising a glass to mark a milestone, or only to remind yourself that’s it’s good to be alive. Often it’s with a crowd, occasionally in a more intimate setting, but however you’re making merry, our department — with its great quality products from all regions of the world, available at superior values — makes it merrier. 





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As beer enthusiasts, we know that everyone has their own preference when it comes to the world of beer.  To ensure you and your party find just the style you want, Gelson's carries a huge range of domestic, imported and craft beer to impress any beer lover.  Our ever growing craft beer line boasts breweries from near and far including some hard to find Trappist ales.  We are always on the hunt for the next best brewery as well, so don't hesitate to mention your favorites to our in-store liquor specialists! 


Shop our outstanding Newsletter sale items and stock up on a large variety of items or ask our in-store Gelson’s Certified Wine Specialist for something new to try. We’re your one-stop shop. In any case (and we go through a lot of cases) you can be assured that every new item has been sniffed, swirled, tasted — responsibly of course by our team of experts and approved by our Senior Director of Beer, Wine and Spirits. Like all Gelson’s products, every last bottle is curated for quality: it’s our promise to you.

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Gelson's carries the finest spirits for the discerning liquor shopper.  From Tequila to Vodka and everything in between, you can be sure we have more than just the standards.  We also pride ourselves on the Gelson's Finest brand, a individual line of our own creations to help get the party started. 


Truly we have enough variety for you to toast a different occasion every day. We boast high-scoring wines, trendy beers, and unique small-batch spirits. Hard-to-find items and large well-known brands that you can trust. Come and explore: Find something you’re familiar with or try something new that you’ve only heard of.  You may discover that your favorite new beer is brewed here in L.A. or that your favorite wine is from the South of France.   

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