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Peter Fiore, Gelson’s Executive Chef. Peter has logged 18 years with the fine food market, will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of all of Gelson’s menu items, including soups, salads, entrées, hot case items, picnic meals, holiday meals and the full-service catering catalog







Peter has worked in a variety of positions and locations for Gelson’s, most recently for five years as Assistant Executive Chef, where he also contributed to recipe development. Previous to Gelson’s Markets, Peter worked his way up in a chain of popular casual dining restaurants, ending his term there as an Assistant Chef.

Peter, an avid traveler around Spain, Italy and Central and North America, picked up many wonderful recipes along his travels. He personally enjoys Latin food influences and the Mediterranean taste profile, which Gelson’s Service Deli customers can expect to taste in some current and new recipes. Peter believes there are two important questions for Gelson’s prepared food customers: “Does it taste good?” and “Can the item provide a health benefit or be prepared in a lighter manner?” – as many Mediterranean dishes can be.

Fresh Ingredients

Executive Chef Peter Fiore has a simple motto: “Respect the Ingredients.” “I’m a fan of simple foods, perfectly prepared – getting the most out of quality ingredients,” says Peter. “Quality is what Gelson’s is all about, so it’s a perfect combination.”