Let our Registered Dietitian Jessica Siegel help guide you to a healthier, wholesome life. 

We have worked with Jessica to help gather a handful of resources committed to helping you lead a more healthy life with your food.  See what products she recommends for kids, find out when she will be in our stores sampling her custom created salads, browse her Healthy Family blog and download her worksheets and planners to make meal time the best time it can be. 

Jessica's Healthy Family Blog

Read Jessica's latest blog posts and stay up to date with our favorite Healthy Family!

Nutrition Notes

View our backlog of nutrition notes from Jessica including healthy living tips, hand-selected recipes, and daily nutrition ideas to help you lead a healthful life. 


Worksheets & Planners

Feel free to download and share these worksheets and planners to help organize your kitchen.  Features guides such as favorite recipe sheet, DASH diet worksheet, food journal pages, and serving size guide.

Jessica's In-Store Events

Find out when Jessica will be in your local Gelson's and take advantage of her body fat testing, healthy salad sampling and more! 


Healthy Living Guide

The name says it all.  View our healthy living guide created by Jessica Seigel herself and think of this as the guide to your new healthy lifestyle! 

Dietitian Picks

Jessica has meticulously gone through the products we carry and created a list of her favorite items for leading a healthy life.  Use this as some inspiration for trying new things next time you're at your local Gelson's!