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Breakfast around the world


Breakfast Around the World

We continue to occasionally struggle with appealing breakfast options for Big J. We have completely eliminated the cold cereal option because she was only eating a bite or two and then rejecting it, which made it the equivalent of skipping breakfast. Right now she’s on a grits kick, enjoying cornmeal polenta that I cook with dried mangoes and serve hot with dried cranberries, butter, and milk. However, if it’s not made just right (i.e., not “too creamy”), she refuses it, so I leave the breakfast preparation to my husband who has much more restraint with the milk than I do. Little J is happy to eat oatmeal every morning, but I fear that she is going to get tired of it soon. When that happens, I’ll switch her over to eating grits or granola with yogurt. I’m always on the lookout for new breakfast ideas, though. That’s why I was fascinated by this photo essay from the New York Times: What Children Around the World Eat for Breakfast.

Although I was not inspired by any of the menus (my kids will not be eating bread and chocolate for breakfast, thank you very much, Holland—or coffee like the Brazilians), I was extremely impressed by the amount of effort that went into the planning and preparation of these meals. You can tell from the pictures of the food that cultures around the world place a lot of value on mealtimes. Breakfast at my house is never going to look like it does in Japan or Turkey, but my husband and I will definitely continue to stir our love into our family’s grits, oatmeal, and granola and sit down with our daughters each morning for a family meal. Both family meals and good food made with love will go a long way toward nourishing our bodies and souls for the day ahead. 

Be Healthy,

- Jessica