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Packing Lunch x2


Packing Lunch x2

Little J started preschool this week and she needs to bring lunch with her, just like her big sister does. Every night this week, I’ve found myself stumbling around the kitchen for an hour trying to assemble two lunches and a nut-free snack. Yes, you read that right: ONE HOUR. I’m particularly tired this week, which makes everything I do at the end of the day take longer, but this process needs to go faster. I’m going to keep referring to my August 2014 Nutrition Notes for inspiration and using the menus I have already planned out. I will also try out on them my newest Service Deli creation, Southwestern Turkey Salad. The flavorful salad is made with fresh roasted Carving Cart turkey breast, Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise, fresh salsa for a little kick, avocado, black beans, and fresh corn. It tastes great made into a whole-wheat wrap with cheddar cheese, avocado, and tomato. My husband and I really enjoy it and hopefully our girls will, too.

I’m also starting to organize the lunch boxes and Sistema food containers I’ve collected, which should make things go faster. Right now I’m running around the kitchen trying to find the right lids for the containers and pairing up the characters on the lunch boxes to those on the napkins and Thermoses. I’m making room to put everything in one cabinet and I’m hoping that will make the process more efficient.

Finally, to boost my morale, I really enjoyed reading this guest post from the Dinner: A Love Story Blog; The Lunchbox Note, On Steroids. It made me glad to know that I’m not alone in the lunch-packing trenches and the mixture of feelings that the almost-nightly ritual brings with it. Although the process is tedious, I take pride in packing lunches that my kids enjoy and as a working mom I get satisfaction from participating in an important part of their day that we spend apart from each other.

Be Healthy,

- Jessica