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a week of milestones


A Week of Milestones

It’s been a milestone week for my family: Little J turned two and Big J started Kindergarten. My little girls are growing up so fast! (Needless to say, we’ve had several celebratory meals this week, since in my family, celebrations always involve food.)

The feeding highlight of the week has been with packing school lunches and snacks for Big J. I had been collecting new lunch boxes and drinking vessels all summer, plus the awesome Sistema food containers have been on sale at Gelson’s, so I’ve stocked up on all the varieties and colors we carry. I thought I was totally prepared to ace the lunch thing, but then the news came on Monday that we needed to send nut-free snacks in separate lunch boxes in addition to lunch. I’ve been working hard all week to find a good variety of foods to send for snacks that don’t include nuts, which are a snacking staple for her. So far, I’ve given her salad bar (mostly beans and olives), grapes, a large carrot that she peeled herself, tortilla chips with hummus, and edamame. I’m going to try dried mango and a Kind nut-free healthy grains bar next week. I’ve also been toying with the idea of making my own nut-free snack bars. My Snack Time! Newsletter has been a great source of inspiration for snacks, too. Happily, lunches have been a hit, not only because they include sandwiches, vegetables, and fruits that she likes, but also because she was so excited about her new lunch boxes and lunch containers. Little details like these really do make a big difference!

As for Little J, she is working on holding her fork in the advanced underhand grip instead of overhand. And the adults in our family are working on supporting her in staying at the table for longer periods of time, since she is prone to jumping up to look at something or do something, then trying to come back to eat a little more. It’s disruptive for the rest of the family, so we are getting serious about teaching her how to behave at the table. I’m sure that I will have more to report on our progress in the coming weeks.

Be Healthy,

- Jessica